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Off and Running

February 1st, 2010

Snow Days @ 09:37 pm

Ok so we have totally established that I hate the snow.  My kids are home for the like 6th day in a row tomorrow.  Chris left this afternoon to go back to school, and the thought of another snow day stuck in this house with 3 kids is enough to make me consider Chuck E Cheese or worse....
Hmmm....gotta do something with them cause don't know how much of the following conversation I can stand again tomorrow.

K-see I'm the best
T- but I was robin and you taked him
K-yeah but im the best and your a crybaby
T-kicking K your a liar Im telling on you
K- mom tanner yelled at me
at some point here Saw would throw in a screech or two and C and I were hollering back for them to get along or go to their own room


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Date:February 4th, 2010 06:31 am (UTC)
Steff, I have many stoopid stories but yours reminded me of my sis-in-law who heard a strange noise, and wondered, huh, what's that strange noise, and continued to surf the internet for another hour. It was her toilet overflowing, out of her bath, into the bedroom, down the hall...she had only been married a couple months and I think my BIL was very worried about what he had gotten himself into!


Off and Running