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Off and Running

April 13th, 2010

Gossip, News and Views @ 09:24 pm

I will preface this post with very simple statement.  These stories have been all over the news, the opinions will be in red and are my own, not that of anyone else.  If you agree with me thats awesome....if not please be respectful.  S.

The shooting at the Muskogee Mall in OK:  I was so shocked to hear of this.  I went to high school in Muskogee, two of my boys were born when we lived there, and pretty much I have adopted it as my second hometown.   It baffles me when young people react like this.  I mean seriously, when we were kids if it was that big a deal someones car got keyed.   Its horrifying to me, I spent so much time at that mall when K and T were babies because it was one of the easiest places in the world to go with 2 lil kids.  
I believe in gun control and open carry laws and yes I realize that is contradictory as all get out.  I believe that you should have to have a license and a psych eval on file to be allowed to buy guns.  I believe guns owned illegally should be siezed and destroyed.  I firmly believe all fully automatic weapons should not be allowed as a personal weapon.  However, if you follow the rules and you can pass the requirementss and you want to be an old fashioned gunslinger with your pistol in a holster on your hip then GO FOR IT.  I feel extremely safe when C carries and it does not bother me a BIT to know that we have guns in the house with our kids.  We have a gun safe and every gun we have has a trigger lock of some kind on it.  The only weapon we keep loaded is the .22 pistol.  It has a trigger lock and its the only one we keep out of the safe.  Its in a safe place well out of reach of the kids and I know I can do some damage if I shoot someone with it.  I may not hit anywhere near what I am aiming for....LOL But it is definitely my right to protect my home and my children with it

The adoptive mother in TN who sent the little 8 year old boy back to Russia:  OMG this story completely floored me.  Who the hell sends a little kid on a flight half way around the world unaccompanied?  She says the Russian officials lied to her and that he had psychological problems from being in the orphanage.  We toured several of the state orphanages when I went to the Soviet union(yes I do realize thats been over 20 years ago) and they seemed well designed and well appointed to take care of the children.  Many of the kids we were around were very happy and well adjusted and sang and played just as beatifully as most kids do.   Every time I read something about this story, I just start to wonder WTH she was thinking and if there isnt a hell of a lot more to this story that hasn't come out yet.

Bret Michaels:    had emergency appendectomy sunday....hope it doesn't negatively affect him with Celebrity Apprentice....he is the best thing going this season. 

Dixie Carter:   She was a great lady and a great southerner and she will be truly missed.

American Idol:  Methinks this is the season they have jumped the shark.  The mentors are not super impressive this year and the contestants seem stale and boring.

Tiger and Jesse James:  WTF is wrong with these men that they are cheating on their beautiful, strong, accomplished wives??

There you have it, I am spouting off on some recent tales in the news.  Have a great week!!

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Date:April 15th, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
I started watching Celebrity Apprentice because of Bret Michaels. If he gets booted I'll probably stop watching though I'm behind in my watching!
Date:February 16th, 2013 05:42 pm (UTC)
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Off and Running