April 8th, 2010

Lil Apples and Crazies

As I mentioned in my last post the little apples around here didn't fall very far off from the tree which helped plant them....One thing that Keif does that just drives me to distraction is that he talks, picks at, makes fun, generally annoys Tanner almost constantly.  Its as if he is afraid if he shuts his mouth and just lets Tanner be Tanner, that he will lose the ability to speak forever.  I had never realized until this week how much Chris does this as well because sometimes he is soooo quiet.  Last night though it was like he took a chatty pill and it was like laying in bed with a talking doll that has malfunctioned and now won't shut up even though you removed the batteries and ran over the doll three times. 
I admit I like reality shows...all kinds of them.  But the show in question last night was Cross Country w/ John Edwards and he had several guest mediums on as well.  So one of them was doing a reading in the audience and doing her thing...I feel as if there is someone with an M name....and possibly an S....
Chris  "well hell I can do that she only hs 24 more letters to guess"
me  *rolling eyes*  I didnt make you come in here and watch
Chris  "look shes going to say she senses they are dead"
me  "would you shut up"

lady on tv  telling audience about the guests mothers cancer death and to get check up for some ailment...girl and her friends are crying

Chris" oh boo hoo its all garbage, once your gone your gone"
me  " leave me alone please....I just want to watch in peace"
Chris  "well if you change the channel it will be more peaceful"

Now the thing that gets me about this entire scenario is that if I walk thru the llivng room while one of his SyFy shows is on and happen to say even do you want a soda,
he will pause the show, rewind it, holler about how NOONE ever lets him finish a show in peace and generally grouse about it for the next three hours.

But replaying it in my mind last night I realized its exactly how Keif does Tan sometimes and it really made me giggle.

I also noticed at lunch yesterday that another habit of Keifer's that doesnt bother me, but annoys Chris to no end is that if there is something on his plate he doesnt like he has to get it off of there immediately.  Now part of the reason it bugs Chris is because Keif is soooo dramatic about it.  OMG theres a _____ on my plate and I hate ______.  Get it off! Get it off!  sometimes this is punctuated by jumping up and down.
Now the reason I mention this is that as soon as Chris' plate arrived at lunch yesterday, he grabbed the side plate that we got for Saw, and scraped the guacamole and the tomatoes onto it.  I asked him why, and he said, "I don't want to even think I taste the guacamole with my food."
I pointed out that Keifer is sooo much like him, but that Keifer just hasn't learned the self control yet to move the food quietly and without fanfare.
He said, " No I will eat anything most of the time, except squash and tomatoes."
This sent me into fits of laughter, because I remember the time in Wisconsin I had to take his hamburger back because they put Mayo on it after ordering it Mustard only.
I remember the time he just refused to eat because he SAW butter on the toast and I knew he was starving. 
Keif does the exact same things in the exact same way.  While I may get something I dislike on a burger, I will take a napkin or whatever and scrape it off, if it happens to C he gets totally offended and will not eat. 

The really funny thing is that when I pointed all of this out when he was fussing about Keifer doing these things JUST LIKE HIM, he swore to me that no Keifer must get this stuff from me because he is not picky at all.

Ummmm....yeah and I am batgirl.