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We have been experiencing many firsts in our house with a new babe and all.  This weekend however, I experienced a major first for me.  It was the first time I have ever left any of my children with a babysitter who is outside of my close circle of family and friends.  It hardly made since to have my mom drive over there for a couple of days and turn around and come home because we were coming here for spring break.  And my friends all had other commitments this weekend too.  The kids handled it very well and I felt really secure as far as their health and safety but I must admit I cried.  Not big gut wrenching sobs, but a few tears streaming down my cheeks as I drove away. 
It was for my Delta Gamma Founders Day Luncheon.  The lunch and meeting went wonderfully and we had the cutest lil dessert cakes
Now I just want to know which bakery they got them from....OmG the moistest cake I believe I have ever had. 
It was bittersweet such a joy to be back in the House with active collegians, and yet knowing it was no longer our house. I took a lot of pictures of the offices they have created and it is beautiful, but sad all the same. 

The girls were all wonderful and full of life.  It was fun listening to them talk about their wants in life.  I so remember sitting in their seats 18 years ago and talking about my dreams with the alums who came for our Founders Day. 

The same pride is still there watching the 50 year members recieve accolades and this time around I know much more about the 50 year member than I do the collegians.  Yet knowing that plans are made to be changed and wonder how their lives will be twenty years from now as they sit in my seat.  It was also interesting because thru the networks of Facebook, I have reconnected with many of my Delta Gamma sisters over the past few weeks and I feel reconnected for the first time in a long time. 


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