okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

To Reward; Too Much?

So before school started this summer Nana promised the monsters a "prize" if they did good in school when I got their first report card.  The prize promised to Tan is about a 50$ lego set and K's was more than that.  Now the problem is, I don't want them to get such big prizes for Pre K and first grade because where do we go from there?  I think 10 dollars each from their Nana is sufficient and I am willing to continue what my dads policy was with us.  $5 per A  $4 for B $3 for Cs and NOTHING for D's or F's.
Now this would be fine because for first grade they get 3 grades plus citizenship type ratings.
He does deserve something special, he has the best grades in his class and is making a 94 in Math and a 98 in Reading and a 98 in writing. 
He has worked very hard at home on his papers.  I want to reward him because he has earned it, but I don't want him to think its always a given, does that make sense?

What do you all do? how do you decide whats enough and what is too much?

And how to fix it now without making Nana out to be the bad guy.  I am afraid I will have to let her follow through. 
Tanner has asked weekly since school began if he got his "port card" yet and when  they knew I got them last night they immediately wanted to call Nana and tell her so she could buy their toys and bring them to them.  When I said she couldnt then Tanner said well we could just run over there cause her has the stores and she could take us to pick them out. 
ummmmmmm.....Not likely I am driving over there.  I can concievably put the inevitable off a bit, but not sure I can do it permanently.
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