okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

Seriously? More Snow??

When did we take a wrong turn and wind up in the freaking Antarctic???  Someone please tell me.  Growing up we got maybe one BAD snowstorm every 3-5 years... It seems like the last several years we wind up getting a bad one every 3-5 weeks.   I hate this crap.  It was one reason I was willing to leave Philadelphia even though I loved it out there for the most part.  I hate being cold, can't stand layers of clothes and snow looks pretty the first 30 minutes and then I just feel TRAPPED.  I don't like feeling stuck or that I cannot do something if I feel like it needs to be done. 
I don't mind Tornado Season, or even the long hot forever draughts of summer, but OMG  somebody please do something about the freaking snow.  We may have to move further south.  I guess south and east cause there is no way C would move to TX.  


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