okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

Snow Days

Ok so we have totally established that I hate the snow.  My kids are home for the like 6th day in a row tomorrow.  Chris left this afternoon to go back to school, and the thought of another snow day stuck in this house with 3 kids is enough to make me consider Chuck E Cheese or worse....
Hmmm....gotta do something with them cause don't know how much of the following conversation I can stand again tomorrow.

K-see I'm the best
T- but I was robin and you taked him
K-yeah but im the best and your a crybaby
T-kicking K your a liar Im telling on you
K- mom tanner yelled at me
at some point here Saw would throw in a screech or two and C and I were hollering back for them to get along or go to their own room



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