okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

Heaven plus Ice Cream

So in our world, tomorrow is better than all the holidays of the world combined.  It is of course the Superbowl and daddys SAINTS are marching in.  That alone is cause for celebration in these hills, but add to that the fact that they have a decent shot at winning this thing and well...we are ready to rock.  We have beef slow roasting for dip beef sandwiches on, a SAINTS cake on the cabinet, SAINTS shirts for all ready to wear.  Now we just need the SAINTS to show up and play like their tails are on fire so the celebration can start commencing. 
The boys were excitedly talking to each other about watching the game with Chris and one of them mentioned the cake and said it was better than a birthday.  The other piped up and said, "Yeah its almost like Heaven PLUS Ice Cream!"
Happy Superbowl watching and Gooo SAINTS!  Who DAT??


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