okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

Exceeding Expectations

       I knew when I got married that Chris was not Mr Sentimental, not quite Mr Couldn't Care Less, but very close to it.  He isn't prone to flowery words or notes, and could definitely be chosen as the strong silent type.  He is rarely outwardly affectionate, and doesn't always know how to express his feelings.  Between kids and moms getting in the act he was prodded into actually buying Valentines this year.

   Apparently my mom called him Friday to remind him that Sunday was Valentines and he really needed to buy me ROSES.  And according to him she stressed the ROSES.  He was laughing his head off when he called to tell me about it.  So I called her and asked her what she was thinking and ya'll, my mama played dumb.  I didn't call him, she says.  Right, like my non thinking husband who cannot remember what day of the week it is without knowing what is on the TV schedule is going to out of the blue remember Valentine's is coming and make up a story about her calling to tell him to get roses...NOT.  So after talking a bit we agreed that he would get the joy of taking the boys shopping Saturday while I was at my friends wedding shower.  I did tell him to try and steer Tanner away from the flowers and more toward a gift card, but let them go.  Ya'll, they spent more on the cards than the gift card and I am still laughing.  They picked one of those GIANT 10X10 talking cards.  But the card he picked was a doozy.  I am still tearing up just thinking about it.  Among other things, this is the FIRST card he has ever taken the time to pick out and we have been married almost 8 years and together 15 months longer than that.    It is sweet, and romantic, and it really said some things I have been needing to hear. 
Of course he doesnt realize that he has set a bar he will now have to perform to, but thats ok, he has outdone himself for now.



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