okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

Of Birthdays and other Milestones

Well Chris and I both turned another year older this past week.  His birthday was a bit more of a milestone than mine. (40).  The boys were terribly excited about celebrating his as "Daddy's never had a birthday mom"   So we bought cupcakes with black icing and took them to his Welding School thursday and surprised him with goodies and cards.  And then there was mine.  I turned 39 yesterday and our house was suffering the second coming of the PLAGUE.  Chris and I fought over who was dying the worse death.  (I assure you it was me).  I woke sometime in the night between Friday and Saturday feeling as if someone was stabbing knives in my throat and a hacking cough the likes I have missed the majority of this year.  Oh yeah!  Thankfully Chris seemed fine Saturday and I left him to run the assylum while I slept and hacked and generally played dead in our room.  Late in the evening I began to feel slightly better, but Chris came to bed about 10 saying he thought he had it too.  He slept today away and got up around 6.  I was up most of the day, but still feel like dying. 
I have decided we will celebrate my birthday next weekend cause right now neither one of us needs to go anywhere.


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