okierivermama (okierivermama) wrote,

New Hobby

So recently Chris has introduced me to a new hobby....Auctions.  I had never been to one and a few weeks ago we went to a car auction.  The kids had a blast looking at the cars and it was a great (and free) way to spend a Friday night out of the house.  So today we went to an estate auction.  They had some cool stuff and just plain old junk.  We spent a whole 2$.  I got an ironing board and T-ball Tee for 1$ and four gallon wine jugs for another 1$.  We didn't have an ironing board so was really excited about that and well the t ball tee went with it.  The gallon jugs are just super cool looking two green and two clear.  I have no real idea what i plan to use them for but they just seemed like a GREAT deal. 
We have a list of things we want to watch for and auctions that are coming up.  I like refinishing furniture and could have picked up several pieces fairly cheap today, but will keep an eye out for others as we proceed. 
One of these days soon, I need to post pics of some of the recent pieces I have fixed up.  Tanner's chest turned out great and I am going to start on his desk one of these days when I can get Chris and the kids all out of here at the same time.

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