Happy Husband

Today is one of the few days in life that my husband is over the moon happy and it has nothing to do with me/us/the kids....
The SAINTS won last night!
Now if they can hang on thru the superbowl Chris will jump out of his skin. 

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  Some days I feel there isnt a creative bone in my body, and others, well i have 34 projects going in my head, three miniature "helpers" and 17 colors of paint on my kitchen table.  It is my husbands worst nightmare, he would rather my lifes ambition be to keep the house cleaner than a hospital. 
This week I am working on two things....I found a 12 in high 3 1/2 ft square table at a flea market for 10$.  When I bought it, it was dull and worn looking and in need of a bit of work.  We had a huge oversized plaid sectional with a red stripe in it.....I used that red to choose paint for the table and painted it red.  It worked great, but since we have changed furniture, so last night I decided to repaint it, 

I got a super high gloss black and repainted it last night.  So far I am really pleased with the result but I am going to buy a jug of high gloss poly to coat the top of it to protect it. 

Since that went so easily, I decided to paint this Chest I am planning on getting rid of.  I don't spend a lot of money on paints, but rather choose colors off of the mistint table at lowes and wal mart.  I have gotten some GREAT paints on sale for next to nothing. 
Today  I got two quart size paints for 2$ each. 
In painting furniture a quart will go FOREVER.   As a matter of fact, I actually have about 1/3 of a quart left from when I painted Keifers bedroom, the accent wall is the only one I went Orange with and so just got a quart of that color.  Turned out AWESOME.

So anyway will try to write more soon

The Road to Somewhere

So in the back of my mind I have been trying to come up with a "plan" for this year.  To make it, and me better than last year.  
I don't make resolutions because well...I suck at them.  But its ok to have a few short term goals that I plan to try to meet this year.  

1.  Eat healthier and exercise a bit more
2.  Read to the kids more
3.  Read at least one book each month thats more enriching, than mindless.
4.  Finish some of the furniture we have started refinishing.
5.  Finish painting the house.

We need to look at a few things to finish off the house etc, like buy a deep freeze and a laundry rug....we need to put in 15 yards of concrete for parking area and patio for the kids and possibly try to blacktop part of the drive next summer.

Proving Myself

  I am a chicken.  A big ole sissy chicken and proud of it sort of.  When I married Chris, he pretty well knew this about me, but he has pushed me over the years to jump out of my comfort zone.  Its never a little by little thing, its usually jumping off the roof through flames type movement.  Like the time he had me pull his truck 15 miles down our nearest blacktop road cause it was DEAD.  Or being pushed around in his 69(the one with no steering, and no brakes) by him on the tractor cause it was important someone be in there even though there was not a thing that could be done from inside it.  This would be the one that the tow hitch broke off and I went flying across our yard and halfway down the hill to thankfully be stopped by rolling over our rock rake(it flew 4 feet in the air) and hitting the last remnants of an old brush pile.  Amazingly the 69 came out of the deal with only 3 new scratches. 
Today was another one of those days.  I worry about emergencies, the kind you hope never happen but want to be prepared just in case anyway.   So today I drove the truck for the first time since he took the bed off and put the welding bed on it, while it was attached to our 26 ft 5th wheel travel trailer.  I drove it about 25-30 miles.  It is heavy and puts a load on the truck but she still pulls it like its nothing.  He laughed at me a bit, but I know he was proud that I did it too.  I am extremely proud of myself, and I really loved the look of total awe on the boys face when their DADDY told them how well mama drove the trailer. 
I remember how impressed I was as a girl that my Grandma could drive their trailers and motor homes just as well as Granddad(sometimes better).  I want the kids to have that same kind of impression of Mama.  And to let them know that even though I am a big ole sissy chicken I can still change a flat in under 15 minutes and I can pull the trailer with Chris' big a** truck.


2009 brought so many changes in our life, starting the year with a brand new baby was fun and surprisingly easy.  I hid out for much of the early part of the year, between the cold, and the ice storm, I just didnt feel the need to be out much.  Sawyer was the easiest transition for us, he slept and ate well and is the happiest baby I have ever had the good fortune to be around.  He adores his big brothers and well here we are a year later and they still totally adore him.  *though I suspect as he is getting much more mobile, this is about to change*. 
In February, I turned 38 and the boys proudly announced to the world that I was 49.  It made my year(much eyerolling and sarcasm).
March brought Tanner's 5th birthday and he had a Rock Star party.  It went great and he had a blast.  We spent spring break in Oklahoma City @ Nana's house and did several things like the zoo and playing at the park while mom reconnected with an old friend. 
April brought the end of C's job in Ohio and he came home for a while. 
In may the week after school ended, we took the kids on their first "real" vacation.  We went to Branson and spent a couple of days at Silver Dollar City, saw a show and played Miniature golf.  The boys totally didn't understand the rules and C didn't understand why it was so hard for them.  They loved the show and Tanner was particularly taken with the little boy who did Rope tricks in an Elvis outfit.
And of course SDC was a blast.  Tanner is a little daredevil and totally willing to ride anything they will let him.  Keif requires some amount of coersion for the most part because he is a bit of a chicken.  C gets a bit motion sick so he did a lot of baby duty.  We had a blast. 
Cs new job kicked off in early June and off to Kansas we went.  We stayed in a really neat little town and I loved the atmosphere of it.  It was so nice to see the kids in town riding their bikes to the library and the swimming pool and I was thrilled to be able to let the kids take swimming lessons while we were there. 
July 4th weekend we took a second mini vacation and spent the weekend in Kansas City.  We went to a Royals game, the Bass Pro Shop and the T Rex Cafe.  I have to admit, I enjoyed the baseball game the most of all of us, and C could move in to a Bass Pro Shop and be in heaven.  The boys loved the T Rex.  It wasn't our favorite, the food was ok and the ambiance was kinda cool but a lot of it was really dark so that made eating kind of interesting. 
July also brought my 20 year high school reunion.  I totally enjoyed myself and getting to see so many old friends.
August meant summer coming to a close and starting our new school year.  The boys have done well this year and we haven't had any major melt downs.  Though Tanner is prone to ask at least once a week what is tomorrow, and when you tell him Tuesday, he responds, " my teacher said we don't have school no more for Tuesdays."
September brought about the end of another job and C came home for a few days before heading over to his dads to begin working on his welding and building the welding bed for the truck. 
The "two weeks maximum I swear, Steff"  job lasted 7 weeks and finally ended when I was ready to trade HIM off. 
In October of course there was Halloween and it was unseasonably chilly for us, so I bribed the kids, offering to buy each a full bag of their favorite candy if they wouldn't make me take them trick or treating and drag the baby out in it. 
November C finally got home, in time for the kids Veterans Day program and the boys were THRILLED to show off their daddy.  We had a great thanksgiving and of course my fav holiday, Black Friday. 
I did really well, figure overall I spent about 330 and that my merchandise total at reg retail was close to 1200.  Works for me.
In Dec, we of course had Sawyers first birthday, which I was sadly lacking in my planning abilities, and then Christmas.  As usual the kids got way to much, C got more than he ever wanted, and I got what I bought.  LOL.
I am welcoming 2010 and will post a short goal list in the next few days.
Happy New Year!

Elves and Army Doctors

There is just something so funny about the way a six year old boys mind works. Wednesday night, I agreed to let the boys wrap some presents and just sat back and listened. I apparently have no OCD tendencies toward cleaning my house but several thousand when it comes to perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree. It is killing me to not go in there and rewrap thedid entire mess including some of the ones I wrapped previously that didnt work like I wanted.

Anyway, Tanner came in the living room wearing jeans and a santa hat. He looks at me and says, "I'm Santa and he's my elf." I didn't say anything because any other time it would be Keif doing the bossing and Tanner deserves a day or two in the lead. After wrapping a particularly messed up package K walked over to T and says, " and hows this one Sir?"
Tanner looked at him with the utmost sincerity and said, " ELF, YOUR the GOODEST WRAPPER I HAVE!" (Tanner talks in all caps when he is excited).
Now this vas a DVD and it after wrapping looked like it could be a foot wide and 6 inches tall with peices of wrap sticking out everywhere and...just pitiful. (I still didnt say anything and I haven't rewrapped anything...but I want to.) So T takes the package from Keif, puts it on his beanbag and says "I've got to deliver this to my tree." After a minute he come back holding his thumb and whining...He got a paper cut...from the present(bwahahaha). I told him since I couldnt see the cut we weren't getting a bandaid for it and went back to what I was doing. They got quiet and I soon noticed that they had my first aid kit. Keifer put a bandaid on it for Tanner and it was approximately 85 times the size of the cut. Tanner then pronounced Keif the best doctor ever and Keifer told him he was practicing to be an Army Doctor when he grows up. Tanner hugged the first aif kit and said yeah me too. The ensuing conversation was hysterical.

K-- No you can't be an army doctor you have to be able to drive a tank.
T-- I don't want to drive a tank I just want to be a doctor.
K-- You have to drive the tank so you can shoot 'em to be able to patch them up.
T-- Nuh uhhh I can be an army doctore and fix them and then fly 'em away in my helicopter
K-- no you can't
Tanner was still hugging the first aid kit and I told him to put it up. He replied, " but I still need it to be an army doctor."
Keifer with all his 6 y/o eyerolling disdain said when you join the Army if they want you to be a doctor they will give you a doctor kit.
Tanner kept watching and asked but where do they get them.
Keifer-- they let them out to go to the store sometimes.
T-- they do? in the tank?

I got so tickled at them that I really couldnt answer him.


So in November Chris started to welding school, the boys had their Veterans Day program, Thanksgiving turned into a new and completely unexpected blow up. And I watched my baby turn into a toddler. Sawyer took his first steps three weeks ago and has slowly been taking a few here and there. Thanksgiving day he took about 10 in a row twice.

When we go to the bus in the morning I am usually hollering down the hall at least once, "C'mon GUYS lets go."
This afternoon I said we were going to the bus and Saw took off crawling down the boys hall, ever little bit he would stand and throw his arms up and look all around him and holler, " DIES" "DIES" he went all the way back into Tanners room. LMAO I am sure he was looking for the "guys".

I am ready for Christmas and need to get wrapping in the next day or two to finish up.

Lost in Translation

We live in the country....way out in the country, with 4 dogs, somewhat big dogs.  It is less than surprising that now and then strange things wind up on my deck.  Last year it seemed to be bones on a regular basis and very large bones at that.  The bones don't bother me so much anymore, but the skins, well that is another story.  I cannot stand seeing the skins drug up from who knows where of an animal I may or may not be able to identify.  It was no great surprise to wake yesterday morning to find a deer hide laying on the deck.  I grabbed a shovel and tossed it over the side of the deck.  Several times over the last twenty four hours the dogs have drug it back up and I have tossed it back off.  This afternoon apparently tired of this game the dogs had drug it to a spot near the side of the driveway and were gnawing on it contentedly.   Tanner came in a bit ago to tell me he thought it was a dog of ours that had run away three years ago.  No, I told him it is a deer hide.  He went back out and came back in telling me that he was sure our dogs had killed this deer so daddy wouldnt have to go hunting.  Giggling to myself I explained that no, the dogs had not killed it there was a bullet hole in the hide.  
He looked at me and looked back outside and said, " I am going to go tell those dogs to take that back where it came from.  It's not theirs. "

I am sorry, I find this hysterical if not annoying.  Tanner is my child that I have to stop 837 times a day from pocketing this item or that that he sees and wants, be it keys that look neat or flashlights we have taken away before.  He is the one who moved his brothers homework night before last so I had to hunt it for three hours yesterday morning.  It is not even that he wants something he picks up, he just has to touch everything he sees. 

At least now at this point, I do know that he has heard me and understands what I am saying.  How do I get him to implement it for himself though and not just for the dogs.

Crafty or Crazy.....sometimes just lazy

So since the boys were pretty little we have tried each holiday season to make some kind of gift for the grandmas.  I use the collective, because they have 5.  Chris' mom, step-mom, and grandma, and my mom and grandma, and most of the time we also make one for my aunt.  As they started school we added little goodies to make for the teachers and admin staff. 

Now some call this crafty and creative and even a bit crazy making all these things with little boys... I will let you in on a little secret.  Its actually lazy.  They are soooo easy to make, and if the boys are making these sweet lil treats and bath salts and soaps then they arent off in another room creating the newest model pits from hell. 

It is a super easy way to keep them occupied for at least a couple of hours at a time and if I work it right it takes care of 12-20 Christmas gifts in one night.  It is a bonus if I allow them to help wrap because then that occupies them another night. 



Shiny and New

Everyone told me while I was pregnant last year  that the boys would get tired of the new baby.  That they wouldn't want to share with him all the time.  That they wouldn't want to wait on us to do things with the baby.  Somehow, my kids didn't get that memo.  I love that they love Sawyer.  I love how sweet they are too him, that they beg to sing and read and play, with him and for him.  What I hate are the fights.  HE wants to look at me first, no he likes my voice better, no i singed longer, mom cant he sleep with my bed?  My all time favorite(NOT) of these fights is the who gets to sit next to him at a restaraunt.  I do not get the excitement.  I am so tired of telling everyone to sit in their own darn chair and eat their own food and please do not feed the baby Nachos and french fries.  
So he still is their favorite thing to play with after last Christmas.  I am glad of all that came into our lives this time last year, Sawyer is still shiny and new in their eyes.  
So too is the world in Sawyers eyes, he will be 1 in six weeks.  Where have the days gone? It seems so hard to believe that time has gone so fast and yet I have to admit I have enjoyed every second of my time with Sawyer this year.  Watching him go through each new phase and figure out where each trait comes from. 
The sweet giggles as he laughs himself silly over nothing.  The grins as he takes a step or two by himself.  The sheer joy he takes in grabbing that sprite can while everyone in the room is trying to reach him before he pours it on his head....